Love Grows Naturally

From The Hills To The Streets

Our cannabis is cultivated beside ancient redwoods belonging to Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The plants are dry-farmed under the sun and without added water in Eel River flood plain deposits. We are terroirists who allow for place to be expressed in our flower and hash. We harvest when the resin is fully mature and achieve lasting flavor with longer drying and curing time.

Sunboldt Cultivars

Our plants are nurtured by nature and governed by the cycles of the moon. We simply put the plants into the ground and water them initially, but thereafter we cease watering and let the minerals within the soil, the sun, and the groundwater do the work.

Meet the Grower

Sunboldt’s founder, Sunshine Cereceda, is long known for growing good herb.

Since legalization, she’s been focused on going to market. Her experience as a wine-broker for 10 years taught her how to resolve issues with distributors, what it takes to have shelf space, and the importance of storytelling. What matters the most is the message, and Sunshine uses her brand and her products to spread the message. We believe in independent, small, sustainable farms and in protecting the Redwoods.


sunboldt cover girls

our cultivar Loopy Fruit chosen for the cover of the High Times Harvest issue!

This beautiful photo by Wafflehowse Photography is featured on the cover of the High Times Magazine 2022 Harvest issue.
It shows how lovely Loopy Fruit is when it’s ready for harvest!

Loopy Fruit gets a shoutout in High Times!

Coming Soon! Sunboldt Hash Prerolls

Sunboldt flower infused with Sunboldt hash formulated by Nasha Extracts, rolled in a cocoa leaf for an exquisite pre-roll.

Taste the Redwoods