Love Grows Naturally

Our cannabis is cultivated beside ancient redwoods belonging to Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The plants grow under the sun and without added water in Eel River flood plain deposits. We are terroirists who allow for place to be expressed in our flower and hash. We harvest when the resin is fully mature and achieve lasting flavor with longer drying and curing time.

Taste the Redwoods!

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Loopy Fruit is a heirloom strain created by crossing Blackberry Kush x willy’s wonder. Blackberry Kush is primarily indica and is a mix of Afghani and Blackberry strains. It has a strong jet-fuel scent and flavor tapered by delicious sweet berries.
Willy’s Wonder, or William’s Wonder to the more formal, is Indica-dominant with Afghani genetics, Willy’s strain’s aroma is an equally diverse mix of tropical fruit and citrus that also comes through in its sweet and sour taste. Together they create the smells of warm blackberry pie and tastes like cereal and acacia flowers.


Wanderlust is a cross of Blue Dream & Agent Orange. With Flavors of lemon-lime zest and fresh Douglas Fir needles and Finishes with orange juice. The smoke is medium bodied with a dense velvety richness.


Delfina is a cross between an original Nepalese strain and Lemon Thai. A happy, medium-level strain, with a sweet and flowery aroma, Delfina has a mellow, earthy grape taste.

Afghani is a potent Indica marijuana strain. This strain delivers a deep state of relaxation and euphoria. The flavors afghani produces are sweet and earthy. Medical marijuana patients most commonly turn to this strain to treat insomnia, pain, and stress disorders. Afghani is named after its geographic origin, where the earliest varieties of cannabis are believed to have grown.


GMO 31% THC. If you are a low dopamine, thrill seeking, adrenaline junky try a puff of this on your next ride.


Flavors of bergamot and aged sandalwood oil with a clean finish of Bourbon. Smoke is soft, dense and medium-bodied.